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There are various reasons for the need of Photoluminescent vinyl signs.

It is also a SABS requirement.


Photoluminescent can be used for Safety Signs, directional, information signs and graphics for interior designs. These type of “glow in dark” vinyl signs can be utilized in cases of power failures, bad lighting for fire and smoke filled environments as it glows brightly enough to be seen in case of bad lighting or emergency evacuations. There are many other creative uses for “glow-in-the-dark” vinyl. The latest glow in the dark technology allows you to write and paint with light.  With a self-adhesive backing it is easy to stick it to any clean and flat surface.


 “Glow in the dark” photoluminescent is a material that self-charges and using ambient light. The improved visibility ensures that Safety-, Directional- and Information messages or warning signs can be clearly seen in bad lighting conditions. These type of signs are low maintenance as it requires no power connects, transformers, wiring and is a cost-effective way to communicate when light is bad inside a building.


The “glow in dark” vinyl is widely used in the manufacturing of Safety Signs. Industrial grade photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl is used in glow in the dark safety signs. The vinyl cut outs can be used in creative graphics and shapes to your preferred choice. The vinyl can be applied directly onto various surfaces, items such as steps, light switches, door knobs, etc to create effects in the dark. It is therefore ideal for arts and crafts projects and signage. The surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the vinyl sticks properly onto the surface.


It is advisable that you seek the advice of Signs4sa before applying the “glow in dark” material to the surface. If your surface is not suitable Signs4sa will recommend that you apply the vinyl to a substrate such as ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), Chromadek and MDF fiber board panels and then mounted to the surface.


For more details on the various uses of Photoluminescent Vinyl or all types of standard “Glow In Dark” Safety Signs contact Signs4sa info@signs4sa.co.za or at 0871350438.