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Vital role of Safety signs

The vital role Safety signs play cannot be underestimated. These signs are one of the oldest types of safety equipment. Since the turn of the 20th century, they've played a pivotal role in preventing workplace injuries. Today, they remain an essential part of every industrial facility and save thousands of lives each year.


There are various types of mandatory signs and custom signs available that can guide your employees and visitors effectively. We can add value in advising you on these signs and where it should be installed.


Custom Safety signs went through various stages of design. The appearance of these signs, and the introduction of digital displays, make its presentation quite different from the ones that were hanging on the walls of industrial workplaces several decades ago. It has taken many years and numerous standardisations to get to where we are today, where safety signs can be universally understood by all individuals, regardless of their culture or language. 


We can advise on the type of sign and the material to use for your Safety & Health compliance.