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Prohibitory Safety Signs

These Prohibition Signs should he used to convey “Do Not” type commands For example, to indicate ‘No Smoking’ a ‘No Smoking Sign’ is used or where a particular material reacts dangerously with water, “Water should not be used” sign. In the workplace they should be used to reinforce instructions prohibiting dangerous activities. Signs prohibiting an activity consist of a circular red band and single diagonal cross bar descending from left to right at an angle of 45 degrees. The background should be white with the pictogram indicating the nature of the command in black.

  • Shape: Circular
  • Colour: White and Red Borderline and Oblique Diametrical Line
  • Pictogram: Black

Smoking Prohibited


No smoking signs are used to enforce 'no smoking compliance' in enclosed areas such as workplace and restaurants etc.

Fire and Open Flames Prohibited


It is crucial that wherever areas where flammable materials are stored or used are always adequately marked because of the fire risk when exposed to open flames because of the concerns that vapours might ignite.

Thoroughfare for Pedestians Prohibited


This sign is used to advise pedestrians of dangers that might exist and prohibits pedestrian access.

Water Prohibited as Extinguishing Agent


This sign indicates that water should not be used as a fire extinguishing agent.

Drinking of Water Prohibited


This sign prohibits the drinking of water.

Proceeding Beyond this Point Prohibited


This sign indicates the prohibition of entry beyond this point.

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