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These Safety Warning Signs should be used to make people aware of a nearby danger. For example, Danger Signs, Hazard Symbols, Electrical Safety Warning Signs, Hazard Signs, Hazardous Signs, Warning Danger Signs can be used to indicate a flammable liquid store or a laboratory where radioactive substances are in use should have an appropriate Warning Sign near the entrance. Signs Warning of a particular Hazard consist of a black band in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The background within the band should be yellow with the pictogram indicating the type of Hazard in black positioned centrally on the Warning Safety Sign.

  • Shape: Triangular
  • Colour: Black Border , Yellow Centre
  • Pictogram: Black

General Warning of Danger


General Warning of Danger' Safety Signs consist of a yellow triangle with black border, and a black safety 'pictogram' on a yellow background. These signs inform the risks, dangers, hazards and informative behaviour required to highlight and prevent healt

Warning of Fire Hazard


Fire warning safety signs identify potential sources of fire risk materials. These flammable materials include: Furniture, packaging materials, wood, plastics, paper and cardboard: Flammable liquids (solvents, petrol, alcohol, methylated spirits, pain

Warning of Explosion


Explosive materials in the work-place are extremely dangerous requiring repetitive warning to workers to be aware of possible accident potential. 'Explosives Signs' serve as a constant reminder to workers that serious hazards/threats with explosive mate

Warning of Corrosive Hazard


Corrosive hazard/danger signs are important where chemicals are in use. These signs alert both employees and visitors to potential hazards in preventing accidental spills and exposure.

Warning of Poisonous Substance Hazard


This sign warns workers about the dangers of poisonous materials in the workplace.

Warning of Ionizing Radiation Hazard


Warns of potential danger of ionizing radiation - found in health care facilities, research institutions, nuclear reactors and nuclear weapon production facilities. Ionizing radiation is harmful and potentially lethal to human beings (but can have health

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