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Vital role of Safety signs

The vital role Safety signs play cannot be underestimated. These signs are one of the oldest types of safety equipment. Since the turn of the 20th century...

Site Audits to ensure Safety signs compliance

We have a dedicated team that can visit your worksites and conducts safety audits. Our team is trained to spot non-conformance and advice on common safety signs issues raising concerns such

Custom Safety & Health sign for Dust Control and other

The standard states that vacuuming is the “preferred” method of cleaning. Sweeping and water wash-down are other options. “Blow-downs” using compressed

Safety signs to prevent slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips, and falls are one of the leading cause of nonfatal occupational injuries. The appropriate signs need to be installed to prevent such an injury.


Scaffold inspection tags are a vital part in creating a safe working environment for those who work on scaffolds. Using scaffold tags not only assist you to comply with Safety requirements...


Informational signage consists of many different designs depending on its purpose. These signs come as wayfinding signs, door signs, directional signs…


The prohibition signs forbid a certain action. They indicate certain actions that users are not allowed to do.

The Importance of Safety Signs

Safety signs are divided into categories according to the type of message they are intended to convey. Each category is assigned a specific format and set of colours.


Photoluminescent can be used for Safety Signs, directional, information signs and graphics for interior designs. These type of “glow in dark” vinyl signs can be utilized in cases of power


These Directional signs can be mounted to a wall, hung with extrusions from ceilings, free standing and installed in accordance with the client’s expectations. It also directs staff and visitors to designated areas such as the Assembly Point sign.


Mandatory signs are subject to regulation and used in conjunction with other signs. The mandatory sign for Road signs has standard sizes and diameters.

Safety signs

Safety Signs and related programs are very important in keeping people safe in the workplace and on the job. Various signs are available from us that range from standard and custom signs…

Safety is important in the workplace

Protecting workers is an important objective for the Employer. It is Law and not only an obligation for Employers as they have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace.

Safety Signage Audits - enlist the help of a third party

To ensure that your facility is equipped with a compliant, up-to-date safety identification system, it's recommended to enlist the help of a third party for a safety signage audit.

Advanced Technology for Custom Safety Signs

The fast-growing advances in digital display and printing equipment have brought a new level of customisation for custom safety signs. The fast-growing technology-enabled customisation of safety sign for your specific requirements.